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Ancillary services such as physical and occupational therapy, MRI and EMG are an integral part of the entire spectrum of comprehensive orthopaedic care. How does the ability to provide these services at one location under the direct supervision of your Orthopaedic specialist impact the overall cost of your workers’ compensation claims?

It is all about quality, communication, coordination, and timeliness. These four factors are overlooked when choices are made about what location and services are chosen by your insurance carrier when deciding where they will authorize treatment for your employees.

The insurance carrier looks only at cost. Remember however, that your insurance carrier is spending your money, not theirs. Furthermore, what are the added costs for disability payments to your injured worker when they are out of work for additional days because therapy cannot be started for a week or longer.

An EMG that needs to be completed to determine if surgery is necessary and your employee is out work for additional two weeks waiting for their appointment because the adjuster has not reviewed the file.

Finally consider when an occupational therapist or physical therapist needs to make changes to a patient’s therapy protocol and needs to wait for the next appointment your employee has with their orthopaedic physician before anything can be accomplished. Is this the most effective use of your workers’ compensation dollars?

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Contrast this with the care provided at MidAmerica Orthopaedics’ “Center of Excellence”

Progress reports sent within 24 hours and finally language translation. All performed at one location which is familiar to your employee. Yes, quality, communication, coordination, and timeliness. These four factors are significant determinants of the overall costs of your workers’ compensation claims affecting both the medical and disability payments.

Therapy instituted the same day as the office visit, therapy protocol changes done instantaneously when your Orthopaedic physician makes daily rounds in therapy and discusses your employee’s care directly with the therapist. MRI and EMG or urgent surgery scheduled for the next day. Direct contact with you, the employer or human resource representative, on the day of the evaluation to update you on your employee’s status and further treatment requirements.

With care coordinated and provided at MidAmerica your employees will not only be returned to work sooner, but they will also have improved morale and make it less likely that they will hire an attorney. It shows that you care about them.

At MidAmerica’s “Center of Excellence” you get the highest quality of care along with many other benefits which will maximize the overall value of your workers’ compensation dollars.

For more information, please contact David Adam, Director of Workers’ Compensation Services at 708-237-7206. Our workers' compensation patients come to us from Alsip, Bridgeview, Frankfort, Tinley Park, Orland Park, Homer Glen, New Lenox, Oak Lawn, Worth, Evregreen Park and Burbank.

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