To aid in diagnosing medical conditions of the musculoskeletal system, MidAmerica Orthopaedics provides ultrasound imaging, also called ultrasound scanning or sonography, at our Palos Hills location.

This non-operative procedure involves exposing part of the body to high frequency sound waves to produce real-time images of the inside of the body. Ultrasound exams do not use ionizing radiation (as used in X-rays).

Ultrasound imaging is typically used to diagnose:

  • Tendon tears
  • Abnormalities of the muscles
  • Bleeding or other fluid collections within the muscles, bursae, and joints
  • Soft tissue masses such as ganglion cyst
  • Early stages of rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis symptoms)

We look forward to serving you. For more information, please call (708) 237-7200. Our ultrasound patients come to us from New Lenox, Oak Lawn, Worth, Evergreen Park, Burbank, Alsip, Bridgeview, Frankfort, Tinley Park, Orland Park and Homer Glen.