Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE)

MidAmerica recognizes the importance and role of functional capacity evaluations for workers compensation patients.

What is functional capacity evaluation (FCE)?

A functional capacity evaluation (FCE) is an important assessment tool utilized for those individuals who have suffered a work related injury that may affect their employment. FCEs are organized in a standardized and systematic way to collect information regarding a patient’s physical abilities to determine whether or not they are capable of performing their regular job activities.

In many instances functional capacity evaluations are commonly used with Job Demands Analysis (JDA). JDA’s determine the physical demands of a specific occupation. Used together, FCE’s and JDA’s can determine your strengths, abilities, weaknesses and needs. This provides the physicians and therapists an established baseline of functional performance with which to gauge the need for further therapy or whether the individual needs to be transitioned to a work hardening or work conditioning program.

This information is very important for transitioning injured workers back to modified or restricted job duties with the ultimate goal of full return. This information helps the employer and the treatment team to determine the best possible outcome for the patient. In some cases FCEs determine a final level of maximum function or impairment and provide for an individual’s maximum work tolerance.

We have Certified Functional Capacity Evaluators who have pursued extensive education and training in order to obtain the designation of Certified Work Capacity Evaluator (CWCE/Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator (CFCE). History has shown that providing valid functional capacity evaluation services cannot be done by technician-level staff or by high-tech equipment.

To be a successful work evaluator, one must be willing to continuously update oneself on the current, best practice research, ask probing questions before conducting an evaluation and use critical thinking skills when documenting the findings of an evaluation. The requirements of the certification process reflect the investment the applicant makes in becoming and maintaining their status as an excellent evaluator.

For more information about our FCE Program or to schedule an appointment, please contact us at (708) 237-7200. Our FCE patients come to us from Bridgeview, Frankfort, Tinley Park, Orland Park, Homer Glen, New Lenox, Oak Lawn, Worth, Evergreen Park, Burbank and Alsip.

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