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All About Hip Replacements, Available at MidAmerica’s Palos Hills & Mokena Locations

Have you had difficulty going about your daily activities due to a bad hip? If you suffer from chronic pain, swelling, and reduced motion in your hip joints, you may be a candidate for hip replacement surgery. Hip arthroplasty, also known as total hip replacement surgery, involves replacing the hip joint with an implant ( or “prosthesis”) to alleviate pain and improve mobility. Hip replacement is a serious procedure, so while other, less invasive treatments should be considered initially, hip replacement surgery is a common and effective way to treat severe hip damage.

Epidural Steroid Injections in Palos Hills and Mokena

Do you suffer from lower back and leg pain? If so, you may have heard about a treatment called epidural steroid injection, or ESI, an outpatient procedure offered by MidAmerica Orthopaedics Clinic in Palos Hills used to treat pain caused by spinal stenosis or a herniated disc. ESI is generally used only when other forms of medication and physical therapy are ineffective at managing pain.

Treat De Quervain’s Tendonosis at MidAmerica’s Palos Hills & Mokena Clinics

De Quervain’s Tendonosis

Wrist tendonitis, also known as “De Quervain’s tendinosis,” occurs when the tendons around the base of the thumb are irritated or constricted. Tendons are rope-like structures that attach muscle to bone and are covered by a slippery, soft-tissue layer called the “tendon sheath.” The term “tendinosis” specifically refers to a swelling of the tendons and tendon sheath, which can cause pain and tenderness along the thumb side of the wrist, particularly when forming a fist, grasping an object, or turning the wrist. (Ortho Info)