"...first impression speaks volumes..."

Dear Dr. Fakhouri,

Several months ago you treated me for a strained rotator cuff. During my two visits to your office, I took notes of what I observed in the waiting room. These notes, I recently found in a dormant file:

My initial phone call to your office was answered by a person with a positive attitude. She expressed confidence in assisting me. She worked hard to arrange an appointment time which accommodated both of our schedules.

Entering your office, I was greeted with a warm smile by the receptionist. That first impression speaks volumes for the in-service training the receptionist had received from the office manager.

At my second visit, the two receptionists presented an image of a working team. That was nice to observe because one usually observes a fiefdom domain.

The entire environment was classy, comfortable and clean.

You explained what my problem was and the steps you recommended to address it in a professional manner.

As I reflected on my visits, it was clear to me someone who has an expertise in organizational behavior must be at the helm.


Dr. Raymond Garritano
October 7, 2015