What Role Do We Play in Your Return to Work Process?

What Role Do We Play in Your Return to Work Process?

If you’re among the millions of Americans who have been unable to work due to an injury, then you know how stressful that situation can be. The fact is, a patient’s ability to return to work will depend on many factors, starting with their choice of treatment facility. A comprehensive care program like the one offered at MidAmerica Orthopaedics can play an enormous role in providing a thorough recovery and safe, efficient path back to work.

Orthopaedic injuries are some of the most common ones that impede workers’ ability to do their jobs. The average injured employee loses eight days of work, though it can take much longer to return to a physically active profession. Unlike at other medical facilities, injured employees sent to MidAmerica are seen immediately. Most receive treatment that same day. An employee could be back to work on a modified schedule that afternoon or the next day.

Return-to-Work Issues

Naturally, the biggest factor in someone’s ability to work will be the extent to which they heal from their injury. Traditional managed care often involves seeing multiple physicians, sometimes at different facilities. As a result, injured workers must navigate a range of uncoordinated systems with different goals and rules. This can cause recuperation delays of days or even weeks. That lack of proactive care can leave patients feeling mentally and emotionally drained.

In contrast, the early strategies we provide enable a quicker return to productivity. A prompt and well-coordinated treatment plan is central to our strategy. Our patients’ ability to get an immediate diagnosis following an injury can significantly shorten their healing trajectory, as well.

When seeking medical plans to offer to workers, employers should look for these combined factors:

  • Highest Quality of Care. We are distinguished by our team of experts and state-of-the-art diagnostics, as well as our dedicated case management.
  • Immediate Care. Prompt access to the appropriate care eliminates costly emergency room visits, unnecessary referrals, and repeat diagnostics.
  • Time Reduction. A smart return-to-work program shouldn’t cut corners but provide quick and accurate diagnostics, pain management, and an efficient treatment plan.

Benefits of Comprehensive Care

At MidAmerica Orthopaedics, our comprehensive care program begins the moment an injured worker walks through our doors. Our full spectrum of care covers all aspects of treatment, from the evaluation and diagnosis at the onset of an injury, to surgery or follow-up care if necessary. Physical and occupational therapy and follow-up tests can all take place under the same roof.

We decrease travel time with a wide range of on-site services:

Role of Direct-to-Specialist Care

Direct-to-specialist care means patients don’t have to wait to see the most qualified specialists for their particular injury. This makes immediate care and diagnoses much more likely. Studies have shown that a direct-to-specialist approach to care can save significantly on workers’ compensation claims compared to a more traditional managed-care approach.

With traditional managed care, an injury typically begins with a trip to the emergency room. Once the injury is stabilized, the patient is often referred to a specialist at a different location. Repeat diagnostic tests will likely be needed to track the patient’s progress. The initial delay in treatment leads to a slower healing process and lost time away from work. But with orthopaedic specialists on site, the appropriate specialist can provide care much more expeditiously.

How Else Do We Play a Role?

Another crucial role we play is to make sure companies abide by all rules and regulations. Our staff works together to ensure that employees are safe, productive, and healthy. If you’re concerned about your ability to function properly after an injury, know that the experts at MidAmerica Orthopaedics can facilitate your return to productivity and even help streamline the paperwork process if necessary.

Healthcare professionals can play an important role in safeguarding workers’ rights. Patients should never return to work unless their doctor supports it. This protects both their health and prevents reinjuries. Sometimes injured workers need special accommodations to be able to return to their jobs. Our patients are encouraged to ask questions and can expect doctors to do their best to provide timely information on their expected return to work.

To ensure a smooth transition back, our orthopaedic specialists:

  • Help patients avoid returning to work prematurely
  • Help ensure they’re ready mentally and physically
  • Establish any necessary restrictions for their job
  • Help workers communicate to employers what duties they’re ready to perform

Learn more about how MidAmerica Orthopaedics helps patients return to work safely and swiftly by calling us at (708) 237-7200.

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