4 Tips for Returning Back to Work After an Injury

4 Tips for Returning Back to Work After an Injury

If you’ve had the unfortunate occurrence of sustaining a workplace injury, you know the challenges that returning to work can present. Consider these 4 tips to make returning back to work after an injury a smoother process. 

Millions of Americans deal with workplace injuries every year. Most of them must eventually face the question of when and how to get back to work. The traditional workers’ compensation model can often bring additional stress on top of an injury, requiring numerous visits to many facilities and multiple doctors and referrals.

Luckily, there are better options. At MidAmerica Orthopaedics, we approach workplace injuries and workers’ compensation differently. We offer exceptional services that benefit both employees and their employers, to get injured employees fast, high-quality treatment, and to help them safely return to work.

In addition to our services, we are providing these 4 tips for you to keep in mind, should you experience an injury at work.

1. Listen to Your Doctor and Your Body

Always listen to your doctor or health professional. You may want to go back to work, or even need to get back to work, but you should never return unless your doctor says it’s okay first.

For some of us, it can be difficult to stay at home. For many, a job or profession is what defines our day and life. So when an injury prevents our ability to go to work, many of us actually want to return too early.

That’s because our work not only provides money but a routine to our day. If you’re staying at home while recuperating, you might find yourself growing depressed or bored.

The safe thing to do is never go back to work until your doctor says you can. This protects your health and your future in the workplace. It’s encouraged to ask questions of your doctor and to expect them to give you timely information on your expected return to work if they can do so. But you don’t want to rush a medical opinion if you’re feeling impatient.

You also should listen to your own body. You know your body better than anyone else.

If you’ve been told by your doctor to stay home for a time longer than you would prefer, but you feel well, you can always contact your doctor and keep them up-to-date on how you feel. Doctors need your honest input to best serve you.

2. Ask for Accommodations

You may find that your doctor allows you to return to work and you feel well enough to go back. But even if you’re able to return, you may need some special accommodations for a while.

There’s nothing wrong with exploring these options, and you’re well within your rights to ask your employer to help make your workplace accessible and safe for you. Your doctor may be able to make recommendations on accommodations to your employer.

3. Stay in Touch with Your Employer

Many laws protect your right to privacy concerning the relationship between you and your healthcare physician. These rights should be respected by your employer at all times. And responsible healthcare professionals will make sure your rights are guarded. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t voluntarily keep your employer updated on your condition.

You may keep communication open with your employer while you are recovering from injury. Since you are within your rights to ask for accommodations when you return to work, this may be one of the topics you want to bring up in advance with your workplace. This will help your return to work go smoothly for both you and your place of business.

4. Tell Your Employer about Effective Return to Work Programs

An effective return to work program doesn’t just benefit the employer or the employee, it helps everyone. If you’re part of an HR team, the owner of a small business, or an entrepreneur you will want to make certain that your company abides by all rules and regulations and that your employees are safe, productive, and healthy. Return to work programs can also prevent costly legal fees for employers.

If you’re faced with returning to work after an injury, know that you can rely on MidAmerica Orthopaedics to facilitate your recovery. We offer a full spectrum of comprehensive care, treating injured workers from the onset of their injury, through evaluation and diagnosis, and into treatment, therapy, and follow up care.

This helps to facilitate a faster return to work program, as care is provided in the same location, avoiding the time-consuming hassle of shuffling patients from facility to facility and specialist to specialist.

MidAmerica Orthopaedics has extensive experience delivering workers’ compensation services and handling those claims. Learn more about how we can help you safely and swiftly return to work after a workplace injury by calling us at (708) 237-7200.

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