Injured? Skip the ER wait time.

When an injury occurs get the immediate care you need with Orthopaedic Immediate Care.

September 1, 2016
As seen in the Chicago Tribune

Accidents happen in seconds. Whether it is falling from a ladder or losing control of a bicycle, it only takes a few seconds for a fracture, sprain, laceration or dislocation to occur. A first reaction is often a frantic trip to a hospital emergency room where there is an expectation of immediate care and pain relief. However, the reality is that care may not be immediate, especially if the emergency room is busy with other patients with conditions deemed more serious.

Now there is an alternative to the hospital emergency room that saves both time and money while providing effective care. Orthopaedic Immediate Care is an immediate care facility developed by MidAmerica Orthopaedics. Patients can walk in after suffering an orthopaedic related injury without an appointment just like an emergency room. However, unlike most emergency room visits, patients can be seen directly by an orthopaedic specialist who can address the problem promptly without an emergency room co-pay.

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If you suffer an orthopaedic related injury, remember Orthopaedic Immediate Care where you can receive prompt, targeted care without paying multiple co-pays.

When an Injury Occurs

Direct To Specialist The First Time

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