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Concussion Treatment

for a 'Concussion Pill' as New NFL Season Begins

September 1, 2017
by Mike Tanier
As seen in the Bleacher Report

Chief neurological surgeon Dr. Kevin Jackson was interviewed by Bleacher Report about Pro-IV DripFusion therapy that may be used to mitigate the effects of concussions.

Dr. Jackson based the treatment on studies which showed that concussions have an impact on micronutrient levels in the brain.

"Magnesium levels fall in the brain after a head injury, regardless of the severity," he explained. "Urinary zinc increases fourteenfold. We know that there are minerals associated with brain function that change after a head injury."

The Pro-IV treatment is essentially a "cocktail" of substances that aim to rebalance those micronutrients, with some anti-inflammatories and non-opioid pain relievers mixed in to treat immediate symptoms. Right now, Pro-IV is an intravenous treatment: patients are infused with the substance via a saline bag. It's inconvenient, not covered by insurance and involves needles. Dr. Jackson hopes to reconfigure the treatment into a pill, patch or nasal spray.

Full article: The Race Is on for a 'Concussion Pill' as New NFL Season Begins

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