Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Orthopaedic Physical Therapist

Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Orthopaedic Physical Therapist

Finding a healthcare provider isn’t a one-provider-fits-all kind of endeavor. Particularly when the healthcare you’re seeking is physical therapy. It’s vital to take a hands-on approach to make sure your needs will be met and your understanding of the process is clear. Keep this list of crucial questions in mind for your orthopaedic physical therapist search.

Seeking out healthcare is rarely a simple task, especially when that healthcare will be carried out over a longer period of time, such as with physical therapy. People often feel overwhelmed when it comes to finding a healthcare provider and with good reason—it’s important to ask the right questions to find a good match for your needs.

Luckily, with just a little planning, you can streamline your search process.

The Benefits of Asking Questions When Choosing an Orthopaedic Physical Therapist

While reading a few reviews and making your appointment might feel like enough, the success of your orthopaedic physical therapy can often depend on doing the extra work to find the right match. Any great facility and therapist will be happy to answer your questions, as they know that a well-informed patient is more likely to:

  • See great results
  • Not become financially burdened before the treatment ends
  • Feel more comfortable with their therapist

By asking the right questions before starting out with a new physical therapist, you’ll ensure you have a better experience and outcome. At MidAmerica Orthopaedics, we’re always eager to answer your care-related questions. Our list of important questions can help you get started.

Question 1: Does My Physical Therapist Have Specialized Training Related to My Condition?

It might seem obvious, but this question is often overlooked. Finding an orthopaedic physical therapist that specializes in the treatment of your condition or injury can make the difference between a quick and easy recovery and a less than satisfactory outcome.

While non-specialized physical therapists can offer exceptional care, for delicate conditions or high stakes on recovery in the case of working athletes, finding a specialized physical therapist can make a world of difference. Be sure to ask whether you’ll be able to meet with a practitioner who specializes in the area you need assistance with.

Question 2: What Insurance Do You Accept?

You won’t likely forget to ask this question, but it’s an integral piece of information to have for starting out on your journey through physical therapy. Before getting your appointment booked and clearing your schedule, make sure your payment plans and insurance coverage details are squared away.

Keeping your healthcare running smoothly requires a little legwork beforehand, but it’s worth the stress reduction in the end.

Question 3: How Long Can I Expect My Treatment and Sessions to Be?

If you’re somewhat apprehensive about starting a course of treatment with a new orthopaedic physical therapist, asking a few questions can help you feel a little more comfortable. Specifically asking about what you can expect from your treatment can help you get a better picture of what you’re signing up for.

Ask about the goals your therapist may set for you as well as what your treatment will consist of. Look for a combination of exercises as well as other forms of care, such as education, balance and flexibility work, and manual therapy techniques.

Knowing the duration of each session can also help you prepare for your treatment by providing a realistic picture of what your schedule will have to accommodate. Evaluations often span roughly one hour or longer, while therapy sessions will likely vary based on your specific needs.

Question 4: What Can I Expect in My Sessions?

Perhaps one of the most important questions you can ask pertains to what your individual therapy sessions will include. If you’ve already clarified what your treatment protocol will be, clarifying what each session will look like can help you better prepare for treatment, as well as ensuring that those sessions will fit your needs and offer outstanding care.

Your therapist will likely outline the process, from your initial assessment to your first session and those that follow. Make sure you’re given a clear understanding of what your sessions will entail and how the treatment will progress through those sessions. For example, your sessions may include customized techniques for your condition as well as a portion of patient education to help you understand the healing process and the details of your condition.

Question 5: Will I Be Paired with the Same Therapist for All My Sessions?

You may not think to ask at the moment, but it will make a major difference once you build a good relationship with your physical therapist only to be met by a new therapist after a few sessions. If building a stable relationship with a particular therapist is important to you, make sure you know whether you’ll be able to see the same therapist for all your regular sessions.

Contact MidAmerica Orthopaedics to Meet with an Orthopaedic Physical Therapist Today

Starting out on a journey to recovery with physical therapy can be a daunting process, but with the right preparation, you can make your start great and your experience just as wonderful. At MidAmerica Orthopaedics, your comfort and care are crucial to us. We offer orthopaedic physical therapy at both our Palos Hills and Mokena offices. If you have questions about beginning your orthopaedic physical therapy or want to find out our answers to the questions suggested above, reach out to us today.

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