Hurt on the Job? Orthopaedic Immediate Care is the Solution

Hurt on the Job? Orthopaedic Immediate Care is the Solution

If you have sustained an acute workplace injury, MidAmerica’s Orthopaedic Immediate Care is not just a service, but a solution. When you value fast, yet quality treatment with a direct to specialist approach, orthopaedic immediate care is the answer.

As an employee, when you sustain a work injury, do you know where you should go for treatment? For many people, the answer is either the emergency room, an urgent care clinic, or to a primary physician’s office. This is the standard practice our healthcare system has instilled in us, so it’s no wonder this would be the first-line of treatment options.

But surprisingly, according to the Duke Center for Research on Personalized Healthcare, approximately 65% of all emergency room visits do not actually warrant a visit to the ER.

If you have suffered an acute, non-life threatening orthopaedic injury there is a better solution. At MidAmerica, our walk-in Orthopaedic Immediate Care clinics provide timely, cost-effective, and succinct treatment of many workplace injuries. Below, we are outlining some of the many benefits you will experience by choosing to treat your workplace injury at an immediate care facility.

Safer Environment with Reduced Exposure

It’s no secret that emergency rooms are notoriously filled with germs. Patients who may be knowingly or unknowingly carrying infectious diseases, like the coronavirus and seasonal flu, are intermixed with others who have suffered injuries like sprained wrists or back injuries.

At MidAmerica’s Orthopaedic Immediate Care clinics, we only treat orthopaedic conditions, which are not infectious. This helps to drastically limit your exposure as you are receiving treatment in a safer environment.

Immediate Orthopaedic Treatment

To you, your injury certainly deserves priority. However, to an emergency room or traditional urgent care clinic, priority goes to the most serious cases. While this is understandable, it can be frustrating, and sometimes painful, to wait so long to be seen for your injury. This might be an even longer wait if you try to make an appointment with your primary physician.

At our Orthopaedic Immediate Care clinics, our priority is on non-life threatening orthopaedic emergencies, putting you and your workplace injury at the front of the line. We even have all of the services needed to diagnose and treat your injury comprehensively, with on-site diagnostics and our Orthopaedic Ambulatory Surgery Center.

Accurate Care, Direct to Specialists

An ER doctor or primary physician can certainly provide initial emergency care to stabilize an injury. Often, however, after doing so, they will refer you to a specialist for additional tests, treatment, and follow-up care.

Rather than waiting days or weeks after a referral to see a specialist, with MidAmerica’s Orthopaedic Immediate Care, you receive initial care directly from a specialist. Our orthopaedic specialists and surgeons have concentrated training in the function and form of human bones, muscles, and joints, as well as injuries sustained to these structures. This specialized training ensures that accurate diagnosis and treatment are performed from the onset of your injury, leading to an efficient recovery.

Faster Return to Work Programs

Since our Immediate Care clinics provide direct to specialist care, diagnosing and treating your injury begins right away. This means that, with the proper precautions, you can typically return to work substantially faster than going through traditional care methods, such as the emergency room or your primary physician.

We have a strong return to work program that focuses on delivering the highest-quality of care while also safely returning employees to work under restricted duty. We have found that this approach serves to improve employee morale following an injury.

At MidAmerica Orthopaedics, we understand that a workplace injury can cause an incredible amount of stress. Receiving the appropriate care for that injury should never add to that stress. Waiting at an ER or for an appointment with your primary physician is just not a practical answer in most cases. This is why we have developed our Orthopaedic Immediate Care program.

MidAmerica’s Orthopaedic Immediate Care

While our Immediate Care clinics are not open 24/7, we do have extended walk-in hours for your convenience.

Hours at our Palos Hills Immediate Care clinic are:
Monday – Thursday: 8am – 7pm
Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 8am – 12pm
Closed Sundays and holidays

Hours at our Mokena Immediate Care clinic are:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Closed Sundays and holidays

We treat the following conditions at our Immediate Care Clinics:

  • Acute hand trauma, hand injuries
  • Lacerations, tendon injuries
  • Knee, leg, ankle, and foot injuries
  • Fractures, sprains, and dislocations
  • Hand, wrist, elbow, and shoulder injuries
  • Back and neck injuries

Learn more about receiving specialized immediate care at the onset of your acute workplace injuries.

You can also give us a call to discuss your available care options or to make an appointment with one of our orthopaedic specialists at (708) 237-7200.  


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