Common Track & Field Injuries

While many may think of sports injuries primarily occurring in contact sports like football, the fact of the matter is that sports injuries can and do occur in any sport. Sports take a toll on the body, and the repeated movements in practice and competitions can cause wear on joints and muscles over time.

Even non-contact sports like track and field pose a risk for injuries. Most often injuries are caused by improper technique, but injuries occur from wear and tear as well. It’s important for all track and field athletes, whether seasoned pros or high school athletes starting this spring season, to understand the risks of their sport and have an educated team of sports medicine specialists at bay to help keep them safe during practices and meets.

Pole Vault

The Most Common Track and Field Injuries

Common injuries among professional and student track and field athletes in a variety of events include:

  • Back: Spine fractures are concerningly common in pole vaulters, often due to poor landing technique. Spine fractures can lead to permanent mobility issues and back pain.
  • Shot Put
  • Shoulder: Rotator cuff injuries are common amongst javelin throwers and shot putters due to the repeated throwing motions of the shoulder joint and weight of the objects.
  • Elbow: Similar to rotator cuff injuries and other shoulder injuries, track and field athletes whose event focuses on throwing may experience elbow injuries such as flexor tendinitis, UCL injuries, or tennis elbow.
  • Hip: Many runners develop hip pain due to tendinitis and hip flexor strain caused by the repeated leg motions in running.
  • Knee: Runners also experience runner’s knee, pain in the knee caused by overuse of the knee joint.
  • Ankle: Fractures in the ankle are common in long jump, pole vaulting and running. They are often caused by improper landing technique or a loss of balance.
  • Long Jump

The Sports Medicine Clinic at MidAmerica Orthopaedics is dedicated to helping athletes at all skill levels treat and prevent sports related injuries. Your highly trained sports medicine specialist will work with you to form a treatment game plan that will insure the best recovery and return you to your sport as soon as possible after injury. The dedicated sports medicine experts at MidAmerica will work with a team of physical therapists, surgeons and focused specialists to get you back in the game.

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When an Injury Occurs

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