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Tendonitis Palos Hills, Mokena and Chicago

Tendons connect muscle to bone and are primarily made up of collagen fibers, water, and connective tissue. They are an integral component of our musculoskeletal system, but can be a source of pain, dysfunction and may lead to a condition called tendonitis.

Tendon problems (or tendinopathy) may affect any joint, especially the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle, etc. As with a muscle, tendons have structural breaking points. When stress is applied to the tendon, it will elongate slightly.

If the stress continues beyond the tensile strength that the tendon can handle, it will rupture. This frequently requires surgical treatment and should be evaluated by a physician if suspected.

Treat Herniated Discs at MidAmerica’s Palos Hills, Mokena and Chicago Locations

While there are multiple causes for back pain, a common diagnosis is a herniated disc. Commonly referred to as a “ruptured” or “slipped” disc, a herniated disc often affects the lower back or neck region with pain ranging from mild to extreme. Fortunately when it comes to herniated discs, most patients experience significant improvement within a few months of home treatment and physical therapy available at MidAmerica’s Palos Hills and Mokena locations.